Hey parents! It has been a sweet day hanging out with your campers. Here is how the day went:

This morning campers woke up, got ready for the day, and did their pit and palace. Campers are getting so creative with ideas to win the Chariot of Cleanliness. We have cabins create thrones out of their trunks for our fairy queen that checks the cabins. Some cabins create things with candy, and others simply leave the fairy queen a sweet note. It is so much fun to see what they have come up with. From there we head over to flag to cheer as loud as we possibly can before breakfast.

After breakfast we head over to our activity classes. You can find campers at the Pinnacle playing games, at the ropes course, or even at the slick track (go-karts). There are so many activities and we get to go to three different ones before lunch time. For lunch we had barbecue sandwiches with our famous sweet potato fries.

Then we get revealed our winners of Pit and Palace and Spirit Stick. After rewarding our winners we began our cabin competitions. We had a cabin challenge another cabin to a swimming competition during yacht club later tonight. From there, our friends Bill and Willy came out to show us how their commercial turned out from yesterday. The Saul brothers played the video and they completely messed with it. The salesmen were so disappointed. They thought they were finally coming to an agreement, but when they found it that wasn’t the case they got sad. Willy and Bill said they are going to come back tomorrow and show the Saul brothers a piece of their mind. We’ll see tomorrow what that will look like for them.

After that campers get to do bible study with their cabins and spoke on what it looks like to stand in the Word. From there, we head over to FOB to re-energize for our last activities of the day. Instead of our usual fourth activity, we get campers choice. This is a time where campers get to choose where they’d like to go as a cabin. Some cabins choose the blob, others may choose Big Bend to play some dodge ball. After that, they get free time to hang out in new areas including island life or maybe the conga for friendship bracelet making.

Once free time is over campers go to their cabins to change into their theme night clothes. Tonight’s theme is yacht club, which is so much fun because campers get to eat dinner outside while watching the sunset. After dinner, campers enjoy different water activities like the wake park, the lake, the pool, or try out our slip and slide. It is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and great weather.

We then transition over to club! Tonight we hear a message from Pops, our associate director. He shows us what it looks like to stand in the Word by keeping the armor of God. The Lord can protect us in every way, and if we keep the Lord as our refuge we are able to conquer all things. The world may try to tear us down, but the Lord keeps hold of us always.

We cannot believe we are slowly approaching the end. As we go into our last day of camp we ask for continuous prayers for your camper. That even though we reach the end of camper, they hold tight to the words of God and live it out at home.

-The Ridge Team