Happy Wednesday! We cannot believe we are already halfway through the week. Here is what your campers have been up to today:

Today was a special day for campers because they got to sleep in! We are refreshed and ready to grab some breakfast. After breakfast, activity classes also look a little different. Instead of their usual activity classes campers have the choice of going to the Big Bend for Zumba, the Cav for some karaoke, or the pool for synchronized swimming. It is a fun way to switch it up. After that we headed over to lunch!

The Saul brothers came back today and told us they were lacking in YouTube views. This means they aren’t able to afford the renovations they wanted to make to camp to create their vlog house. So they tricked the salesmen, Bill and Willy, to film a commercial. The salesmen fell for it and filmed a new commercial for their product, Flex Wet. Bill and Willy were so excited, but little did they know Brogan and Snake had other plans for the video. We shall see tomorrow what Brogan and Snake do with the video.

From there, campers went over to bible study. Today’s memory verse is Psalm 119: 89-90 which focuses on our theme of trusting in the Word. Afterwards, campers had time to rest before heading over to their last activity class of the day and free time. You can find your campers at different activities including the blob, the field doing sports, or on the wake park. There was some rain today, but fortunately it stopped in time for our activities! From there, campers go over to a quick flush and brush to change into their theme night clothes before dinner. Tonight will be ET Glow Home, so campers get really creative with outter space clothing or fun neon colors.

After dinner we headed over to club. We got to hear a message from our women’s director, Wonky. She reminded us of the story of the bleeding woman who trusted that the Lord would heal her. Just like the woman, we should be fully trusting of the Lord. When we rely on our strength we become frustrated, but when we trust in the Lord’s greater plan we are able to relieve ourselves of things that are completely out of our control. When club was over, campers got with their cabins to reflect on what they learned at club. This is a sweet time to hear what one another learned and learn from one another what the Lord is teaching us.

Like we mentioned earlier, tonight is ET Glow Home. After reflection the theme night begins! Tonight is one of campers favorite theme nights because it’s out dance party. Camper get to participate in line dances and free style dances all night until their feet can’t dance anymore. We all have so much fun singing and dancing.

It has been a fun day at the Ridge. We ask you continue to pray for your camper. That they would trust the Lord as He reveals more of His character.

-The Ridge Team