Hey parents! Hope you are having a great day. Let me give you a low-down of what today has looked like.

When campers woke up this morning they finished their morning routine to make it over to flag on time. Today campers were very creative with their cheers. From there we headed over to breakfast for one of our favorite meals, chicken and waffles. After that, campers went over to their activity classes. Campers got to enjoy the blob, the pool, and playing sports on the field. After three activity classes campers went over to lunch. During lunch we had a lot of great cheers. It was so hard to pick a winner today! We had two girls in Haleakala 3 dress up in inflatable dinosaur outfits while the entire cabin cheered “T-Rex Tuesday”. Our winners, however; were all of the Gunnison cabins because they all dressed in clean trash bags and picked up trash around camp while cheering. What a creative way to make keeping camp clean a fun activity.

For skit today the vloggers came out explaining their plan to create destruction while vlogging. They even pranked a counselor by pie-ing them in the face for content. Willy and Bill came out to stop them. They showed us their new invention the Flash Suck which is their new vacuum. This vacuum not only cleans up camp, but can suck out bad attitudes. Willy almost got to put the vacuum on Brogan and Snake, but weren’t able to catch them before they left. We will see tomorrow what Willy and Bill plan to do to stop these vloggers.

From there, campers went over to bible study. This time is so sweet for campers. They are able to dive into the word as a cabin and grow together as they learn more about the Lord’s character. After that, campers take a FOB (flat on back) also known as a nap. Today was a little rainy, which delayed our activity class. So instead of having the activity class, campers had an extended free time! Which mean campers got to enjoy their chosen activity for a much longer time. Campers loved it! After that campers were ready for dinner.

Once campers finished their dinner, they headed over to club. We worshiped the Lord through song before hearing from our men’s director, Matha. He gave a message on what it is like to delight in the Word. He shows us how we tend to delight in things that are not eternal which ends up disappointing us, when the word of God is forever and fulfills all things. Campers then met with their cabin to reflect on what they learned today about delighting in the Word.

After that, we started our theme night of Isolation Island. Campers put on their best camo gear and some even put black face paint on their face. The goal of the night is for campers to get to the field without being stopped by a staff member. Campers are given a chip, and if they are stopped by a staff member they are at risk of loosing their chip. If they loose their chip they have to go back to the beginning. In order to keep their chip, they have to do something silly. It is so fun to see the creative performances the campers come up with.

It has been such a fun day today at the Ridge. The Lord is truly present and moving here. We ask you to continue praying for your camper as the Lord reveals more of himself and moves within their hearts.

-The Ridge Team