Happy Monday parents! Hope you all are starting off the week great. It has surely been a great day here at the Ridge, so let me tell you a little bit about the day.

This morning campers woke up and got to do their first pit and palace. This is a time where campers get to clean up their cabins and leave it squeaky clean in order to possibly win the chariot of cleanliness. Once they are all cleaned up, we head over to flag (God bless America) to start the day off with high energy and prayer. This is a great time to show off your best cheers to later win the spirit stick. From there, campers head over to breakfast to fuel their bodies for a day full of fun.

Once they finish eating campers check for chunkies because chunkies are evil and must be destroyed! This means they just pick up any trash or scraps that fell during the meal. They then head over to their first activity class of the week. They go to three different classes which could include the ropes course, wake park, or maybe the pool. After that campers head over to one of the best parts of the day (so our campers say). We go to lunch! A lot happens during lunch. We eat, we find out who wins the chariot of cleanliness and spirit stick and we have cabin competitions. A cabin can challenge another cabin to either a game later in the day or something right then and there. Today we had a cabin challenge another cabin in a dance battle.

After the competition we had our skit characters come out and introduce themselves. Bill Swift and Willy Maze came out to sell their flash tape to keep the camp safe. They came to insure the cohort lines were in place, buffs were put on, and fixed the spirit stick all with their flash tape! When they left, two YouTubers Brogan and Snake Saul came out. They hate camp and want to ruin it. They said they’re going to vlog their entire attempt. We will see tomorrow how it all plays out.

From there campers go to good ole bible study, because to be a stud you gotta go to b-stud. After that campers rest up before heading to more activity classes and free time. During free time we get to go to different activities like the pool, the Conga for crafts, or the Pinnacle for games. During this time campers also get a time frame in which they can stop by the camp store to buy some snacks and knick-knacks. After that, we are all hungry for some dinner! Tonight we had some delicious tacos.

We then headed over to club. Our program director, Keeps, gave us a message on what it looks like to walk in the Word. He talks to us about how the world will constantly disappoint, but the Lord will always satisfy. When we walk with the Lord we have everything we could possibly need. As trials come our way we can either run to the world or seek God who conquers all things.

When club was over we started our theme night, snack attack! Campers dressed up as their favorite snacks. It was so fun to see all the neat costumes campers brought. During the theme night, we had a dodgeball tournament. While cabins waited their turn to play, the girls went to the Cav to have a karaoke night and the boys watched sports highlights. At the end we announced the winners and headed off to bed.

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off the week. We are so excited to get to know your campers more and see how the Lord works in each individuals life. We ask you pray for your camper’s week. That they would soften their hearts to what the Lord has for them and receive Him with open arms.

-The Ridge Team