“God’s WORD is filled entirely with truth and worth standing on, regardless of circumstance”

Hello again parents! We hope that you all have had a great day. Your campers are headed to study the fourth passage of Psalm 119 right now. They have wrapped up 3 fun activity classes with their cabin and are full from a fun lunch filled with cheering and skits. Today they will be looking at Psalm 119:113-144. We pray that through the reading of this passage they can learn more about how to stand in the Lord’s Word. They will begin by reading this passage and looking at what they are currently choosing to stand in. 

They will dive into how to stand in the Word of God when trials come their way. We need something to hold us up that is not wavering, but absolute! God is faithful to ALWAYS hold us up during trying times. He loves us too much to let us out of his grip. What a sweet truth!

We ask that today you join us in purposely praying for your camper to realize that the Lord is the only everlasting thing to rest and stand on during hard times. We pray that you, as a parent, also are able to seek the Lord’s truth even when things do not look good.

Have a great rest of your day.

– The Ridge Team