Good afternoon parents! It has been a great day here at the Ridge. After eating a great meal at lunch campers and counselors headed off to their first bible study of the week. As your camper gets into the word this afternoon, we wanted to share with you a summary of what they will be learning in the book of Psalm. We hope that through this study we are able to learn how to walk out confidently what the word of God calls us to do as it moves within us.

“Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the LORD!” -Psalm 119:1

The things we believe often shape how we choose to live. The reality is, not all of the ways we walk are right, even though the world says “follow your heart”. So what does God say about this? He gives us one truth, God tells His people how to walk in a crooked and dark world by way of His word.

After walking through His word we are heading back over to our cabins for what we call “flat on back”. This is a great time to refuel for the fun campers will be having at their activity class!

Have a blessed day!

-The Ridge Team