Today is the last full day of week three for our campers. Both Cultivate and our normal one week programmers will be heading back to their homes tomorrow, but some things might not be the same. Campers had the opportunity this week to open their ears to hear the gospel and their eyes to see it lived out through our staff and other campers. While some campers came in knowing Christ, we also know that with all likelihood there are some who did not or were not sure what they believed, but thankfully this week many campers have found the truth in our Lord!

It can be a challenge for your camper to have such an intense week of focusing on God to go back into old environments where they didn’t know Him or weren’t seeking Him. Here are some ways you can help your camper with their transition into life with new/renewed faith:

  1. Ask them about their camp experience, and see how God has transformed them even if they were already a Christian!
  2. Check with them on a weekly basis to see if they are in the Word and learning new things!
  3. Look for a local church and youth group that he/she might be able to find some new friends in that are believers, too! This is essential for the spiritual growth of any Christian no matter the age. Help them find a mentor; having some accountability and a place where your questions don’t go unanswered is incredibly beneficial!

Tonight before we do Camper Share, campers will have the opportunity to reflect under the stars and think of all the things they have learned during focus times, Bible studies, and activity class devotionals. After this they will have the opportunity to share the things God has shown them with camp. For many this can be a beautiful time of surrender, and they get to share that they have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Tonight as you finish reading this, reflect on how you can help your camper continue to grow even when they are done with camp.

Safe travels and see you tomorrow here at Outback!

Please Pray With Us:

  1. Pray for the campers who are on the cusp of giving in to the Lord this week, that they would be softened to the gospel tonight and even tomorrow during their last bible study!
  2. Pray for our time of reflection under the stars tonight. This is a time that many campers have told us had the most impact on them as they got to experience the greatness of God’s creation and think back on the week’s lessons!
  3. Pray for the weather to be clear tonight and tomorrow, so you guys can have safe travel to and from Closing Ceremony!