Fourth of July… one of the U.S.A’s most anticipated holiday’s of the year! Fireworks, cook outs, picnics, field games, community with friends and family, yummy desserts and… rain? Unfortunately that’s how our Fourth of July started out here at the Ranch. But do you think that constrained us from having a blast? No!

Our morning looked much different from a normal day at camp in this way: small storms came around breakfast time and instead of heading out to activity classes right after the most important meal of the day, we stayed in the Ponderosa for some Xtreme Pictionary! How wild and crazy is that?! Our cabins went head to head in running around the dining hall trying to finish the list of ten items before the other cabins, and when they did finish, they stood up on their chairs and went crazy! Now, our intermissions looked a bit different from normal intermissions. During this time, we had two of our lovely counselors come onto stage to entertain us with some karaoke! And our Ranch Camp worldwide renowned band “MisDirection” came to perform for us!


After four rounds of Pictionary with singing and dancing in between, our campers and counselors were sent back to the cabins for some bible study! Following bible study was lunch! Our skit during this meal includes some Olympic competitors and their trainers, going against one another in a tough battle for the Olympic title! WOAH!


The afternoon was a bit more dry than the morning and we were able to have two activity classes! Our campers then went straight into free time, able to roam around camp (of course with the supervision of staff) and purchase all the cookie sandwiches and dibs to their heart’s content. The pool was booming with campers blobbing and going off the trapeze and high dive! This time looked much like a normal day at camp but the day has not yet ended…

Flag began a little more early than usual because the Ranch had a PICNIC out on the parking field! Music playing, picnic sets galore, frisbee, spikeball and all sorts of field games! This was a dinner for the books! After the picnic our campers and counselors headed off to club and following that came the big surprise… a fireworks show on the Shores dock! Timbers, Shores and Ranch all came together to celebrate America’s birthday with ¬†fireworks! Our campers had a blast playing games by the dock and watching the sky light up on this beautiful Fourth of July evening!


This day will be one campers will never forget, we know we sure will not!