Hello, Parents!

Here at the Towers, days are always full of fun and exciting activities and the rain on Wednesday was no exception!

Yesterday, Ring By Spring, our program director, called counselors on stage to do crazy things. They played games like apples to apples, sang karaoke, competed in dance-offs or tested their grammar skills at a spelling bee. A crowd favorite was when our one and only Bubba Gum danced blindfolded in front of everyone, in what he thought was a competition among several counselors, but actually turned out to be just him showing off his best moves.

Eventually, the rain slowed and camp returned to the daily schedule, which included awesome activity classes, a delicious lunch, and fun-filled free time.

Yesterday evening, Lost in Lego night was almost derailed when blueprints for the Lego model of the Pine Cove Towers had been stolen and all the counselors were turned into evil Lego robots! We nearly had a disaster here, but thankfully, the campers worked together to save their counselors. The evil Lego robot scientists were defeated and normal order was restored here at camp!


Our fun-filled night wrapped up at club when Zam, our assistant program director, spoke about the value of following God. We learned this simple, but meaningful equation: Knowing God + Trusting God = Following God. What a great reminder that when we build a relationship with the Lord, we will be able to know and trust Him more and then be able to follow His sovereign leading.

Meanwhile, the 5th graders spent the evening at the Ranch, Pine Cove’s camp for 6th and 7th graders. They had a blast jumping off the high dive, flying high in the air on the blob and swimming in the pool.


They also enjoyed riding on the Barn Swing and checking out all sorts of animals in the Critter Room, including a Python snake, a sloth, and everyone’s favorite lemur, Zorro. Another highlight of the trip came when the boys and girls split up for club, when their senior counselors, Snarf and Fratuccino, had a chance to teach the 5th graders about identity and trusting God.

Although the rain sometimes changes up our schedule, campers and counselors will attest to the fact that the variety in routine creates an atmosphere for memorable moments and funny stories! The old saying around here remains true: “Ain’t no party like a Pine Cove party, ‘cause a Pine Cove party don’t stop!”

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Tower’s Secretary