It’s hard to believe that today is our LAST day of Camp in the City! We sure had a blast with your camper! Today they learned all about John and Peter being called before the Sanhedrin (or “council”) for continuing to preach about Jesus after His resurrection. After proclaiming Jesus to the people and performing miracles, two things happened: they were thrown in jail, and (most importantly) about 5,000 people came to believe in Christ! The leaders who jailed them told them they could leave if they promised to no longer speak the name of Jesus. Peter and John replied that there’s no way they can keep quiet about the things they’ve seen! Getting the message out to people was more important to them than their own freedom or comfort. After further threats, the leaders finally let Peter and John go free!

What’s awesome is that Peter is the same man who previously denied that he even knew Jesus! But now he is so fixated on Jesus that he is willing to be put into jail for his association with Jesus. So Peter went from not wanting to be known as a friend of Jesus to not being able to keep quiet about Him!

John and Peter were not focused on their own self-interest. Who was? The leaders in the Sanhedrin! They wanted to be in control and in charge. But the message of the Gospel is that we don’t have to have it all together—Jesus is in control, and we can let go of the reins and trust Him. When we see Jesus for who He is, we can shine as He did!

Passage: Acts 4:1-21

Questions to Ask Your Camper:

  1. Why were Peter and John thrown in jail?
    • For preaching about Jesus and healing a lame man
  2. How many people believed in Jesus because of Peter and John’s preaching?
    • 5,000!
  3. What is the only name by which we can be saved?
    • Jesus!
  4. How does the way we see Jesus affect the way we live?

Dig Deeper At Home:

Read Acts 5:17-41. Where are the apostles at the start of the story? What are they told to do and what do they do? How do the leaders react to what the apostles are saying? What do the leaders do to the apostles? Why does Gamaliel say to leave the apostles alone?