Hey, y’all! My name is Rachael “Lemons” Gran, and I am the Assistant Program Director for Castle Rock this summer. We have had the best week here at Castle Rock, and with one last bible study God is still moving and working. I want to share with you some insight into what your campers have been learning today about God’s word.

Today we focused on Jesus’ attitude towards prayer and the diligent way He approaches it. In Matthew 26:41-44, it is referenced three times about either Jesus telling his disciples to pray, or Jesus himself praying. In bible study, we specifically looked at when Jesus teaches the disciples about the Lord’s Prayer. This is a prayer that I have known for majority of my life, but have never thought about it in much depth. By taking the time to break down the prayer, it allowed me to more fully understand the vastness of the Father’s love for us. Jesus takes the time to show us what it looks like to pray to our heavenly Father. He shows that you don’t have to have the perfect words to be in communication with God, all you have to do is simply pray.

Prayer is the way we are able to talk with God. You don’t have to have a fancy prayer rehearsed in order to come to God through prayer.

Prayer is a way to talk with God.

He wants to hear your joys, sorrows, and everything in between. Jesus prayed through all circumstances, and God listened. Jesus teaches us that there is never anything that is too big for God to listen to. To me, it is so comforting knowing that I can talk to God at any moment of any day, and He is listening intently because of His abundant love for me!

-Lemons, Castle Rock Assistant Program Director