Hello Friends!

Our first full day at camp is complete, and we’ve had an absolute blast! From fun activities, awesome skits at lunch to Bible study and free time, we have had non-stop action! Tonight was no exception!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner with a camp favorite – Pizookie (a huge cookie topped off with ice cream). Amidst the black face paint and costumes of all shades of camouflage, campers saluted as they marched into club to jump, dance and sing songs to the Lord!

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Afterwards, Maddie “Brownie Bites” Ritchie, the Towers’ Guest Relations Coordinator, shared some challenging and encouraging words about the importance of obedience. Genuine obedience requires following through with joyful action.

Brownie Bites mentioned godly men and women who exemplified obedience and trust in the Lord’s calling on their lives. Noah built an ark at a time when no one knew what rain was. Moses stood at the edge of a sea in obedience and trusted that God would part it for his people. Also, today in Bible Study we learned that Elijah trusted God would provide food for him from a raven.

Chuck Swindoll said it well,

Leaving the details of my future in God’s hands is the most responsible act of obedience I can do.

God calls us to extraordinary obedience, even when we may not be given a reason and when it might be easier to not trust in his plan. Our obedience or disobedience displays our love for the Lord.

Jesus stated,

If you love me, keep my commands.
John 14:15

Just like Noah, Moses and Elijah, we learned the value of obedience in our lives. We have the perfect example of obedience in the life of Christ who submitted to the will of our Father, even to death on a cross. What a precious gift that we have in Him, our Savior, as he lived his life in complete surrender of God’s plan.

After club, we were pumped to keep up a Towers’ tradition – PITCH BLACK ATTACK. The posse took over camp again and it was up to the kids to win it back! Cabins defeated the posse by coming up with crazy stories to distract them from taking over camp.

After all, CAMPERS… ALWAYS… WIN!!!!


Can’t wait to share more with y’all tomorrow! The Lord is doing awesome things here at camp and we are having a blast!

Katie “Wide-Eyed”
Head Media