Do you have a camp name? If so, we want to know what you’re up to! Not everyone gets to spend a summer with their cell phone off, cheering about meal time, wearing the same clothes as their peers two days a week, and being known by a seriously fun name, right? If you worked on summer staff or full-time staff with us, congratulations! That officially makes you an alumnus!

The heartbeat of our Alumni Network is that we would inspire a community of people who:

  • Courageously live out their calling
  • Feel wildly cared for
  • Partner together for crazy effective ministry

We have a handful of resources available to get you connected with alumni from the camp you worked at, as well as the city you live in! We’d even love to help connect you to possible job opportunities that match what you’re looking for. Start by visiting to tell us about yourself. Then jump in on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages while you’re there!

Maybe you’re not an alumnus, but you think the energy of a Pine Cove staffer would be a great fit for an open position in your office. We’d love to connect you to Pine Cove Alumni who are pursuing new job opportunities—shoot us an email at and let’s chat!