Pine Cove has a distinct lingo that leaves first-time campers on Sunday nights staring, mouths agape, wondering what strange world they just entered. It’s true, there are some words around camp in need of definitions. Summer staffers learn the difference between a watermelon and a watermelon pretty quick during staff orientation, but for the rest of us, this glossary is here to help!

Bump the Lamp– (verb) A phrase that describes the mindset of staff to constantly strive to go above and beyond what’s expected. (This is inspired by the story in the creation of Disney’s Academy Award-winning film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, in which the filmmakers decided to go to extraordinary lengths to match the lighting in a room on the animated characters as well as real life.)

“Your Face is a Ministry” – A phrase we use as a reminder to staff to let the world see our inner joy on our faces. There are always tons of ways to make the most of every opportunity to show Christ to others!

“Eyebrows Up!” – A phrase we use to inspire staff, especially on opening days, to let that inward joy show outwardly! Try it with a smile, and celebrate that joy of the Lord!

Porch Cheers – (noun) We like to make every moment of camp intentional, even while waiting for the next meal/activity/game to start. Enter, the porch cheers. They’re classic, silly, and have been passed down for generations. Your kids probably came back from camp singing them non-stop.

Take a Seat – (noun) This is the brilliantly effective yet catchy cheer we respond with when someone on stage says those magic words: “take a seat.” The audience replies with “Take a seat! Take a seat! Take a load off your feet,” and then everyone sits and listens to the person on stage. We all especially appreciate that “take a load off your feet”part.

Wildlife Wednesday– We can’t explain it, but every now and then a day of the week will turn into a theme of its own, especially among staff. This one in particular has been made popular by the wild animal t-shirts sold at Walmart. Some call them amazingly brilliant, some call them terrifically tacky, but either way, a lot of our staff wear them on Wednesdays!

Flush ’n Brush – The time when campers are dismissed to go to the restroom and “flush,” and/or brush their teeth. It helps to have a clear opportunity for things like this, so kids can remember before they’re in a less convenient spot, like at the top of the ropes tower. Some camps also add an entertaining cheer to follow this dismissal, “But not at the same time!”

Watermelon– (noun) While we do serve watermelon (the juicy pink and green fruit) often at camp during the week, this is also Pine Cove’s word used for the gluteus maximus, or “rear end,” because children.

Cake ‘N’ Steak/Small Group/Halftime/Bible Study– (noun) There have been countless names for this hour break during the week, but they all mean the same thing: a chance to get away and dig into the Word with other staff. Also, there are usually some delicious snacks involved!

Teapot – (noun) As in, “I’m a little teapot.” As a staffer, if you call a cheer wrong at any point, you might find yourself singing this childhood song on stage in front of the whole camp. Congratulations! (Bonus points if the crowd nominates a style for your song, like maybe as an opera-singing whale.)

Scraperhead– (noun) Technically, this is what we call the spatula used to clean plates at youth camp. But this word can also be defined as the game played at mealtimes at older youth camps to determine who cleans the dishes. Like most things at Pine Cove, it comes with its own [awesome] cheer!

Pit ‘N’ Palace– (noun) It’s cabin cleaning time! What will your cabin be – a pit or a palace? The cleanest (and most creative) cabin wins!

F.O.B.– (noun) The time of day (typically after lunch) at youth camp when campers go back to their cabin for some rest. It actually stands for “flat on back” or “feet on bunk.” Some use this time to take a nap, and others spend time writing letters or working on memorizing the memory verses for the week.

The Gauntlet– (noun) The affectionate name for the line of crazy-excited staffers greeting kids and families as they arrive at camp! Also one of the few places in life where there is an official cheer for a Suburban.

Club– (noun) Not just a sandwich or where your dad golfs, it’s a crazy, high-energy worship session! It happens daily at youth camp and at Camp in the City, and at various times throughout the week at Family Camp. We love it!

Chunkies– (noun) Some food refuses to be eaten. When it ends up on the dining hall floor, it becomes a chunkie. We don’t like chunkies. As we chant often, any chunky must be destroyed!

Winterfest – (noun) It’s just like summer camp, only cooler. (No, seriously!) We host this weekend at our overnight youth camps every December, and it’s the perfect weekend to reconnect with other campers and staff back at camp, or to try out overnight camp for the first time! Plus we’re all about wearing that festive Christmas attire down the ziplines.

Birthday Rap– (noun) We take birthdays pretty seriously here. If you’re at camp on your birthday, keep an eye out for skit characters and alternate dimensions.