Throughout their two week stay at the Shores, Overflow has several outings they get to go on. Most of these trips are to fun places like the iJump Trampoline Park, or to The Villages Water Park. There is, however, one outing that is much different than the others.

On Saturdays, we get to serve! All of Overflow hops on a bus and goes to the East Texas Food Bank where we help package and sort food to be shipped out to people in need.  Not only is this a time for campers to serve and learn about charity, it’s also a great time to grow closer to your cabinmates while having fun and giving back to the community.


Service and charity are huge aspects of Christian belief. Mark 10:45 says:

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Jesus came to earth to serve us, and to die for us so that we may be saved and have a relationship with God. Because Jesus came to serve others, we are also called to serve and put others before ourselves.

Taking Overflow out for a service project has been a tradition ever since the two-week program began. It’s an awesome time for our campers to learn about the importance of serving others and giving back to the community. It’s also just fun to see your friends wearing rubber gloves and a hairnet!