This has been a really incredible week of camp! Tons of fun has been had at activity classes and there’ve been some amazing relationships formed. But our favorite part about this week has been seeing our campers grow in their relationships with the Lord.

One of the ways they’ve gotten to grow is through worship and the talks during Club. They go each night and hear a different story from the Bible told by someone on our leadership team and they get to have reflection time with their cabins after it’s over!

They’ve also gotten to grow through their cabin bible studies. This summer, the bible study is shaped like a passport to represent the journey we go on throughout our relationship with the Lord! It starts off explaining how we are all broken people who have sinned against God and don’t deserve His love, but because of Jesus dying on the cross, we get to have a relationship with Him. It then talks about how we get to rely on the Lord throughout our lives as hardships come our way. It ends with discussing how our relationship doesn’t end with Him once we die because we get to have an eternal life with Him in Heaven!16Si07-06-2

Our campers have gotten the chance to hear more about God’s love for us and what it means to be a Christian this week, but it doesn’t have to end now! We explain to them that even though camp is over, their relationship with God is just starting. So we challenge you, parents, to continue fan the flame of their growing faith!