Happy Friday! Today has been an exciting day at the Outback. Campers spent the morning and afternoon in their last round of activity classes and then participated in our daily Bible study. After rejuvenating during F.O.B. (Flat On Back), they got to enjoy the community they have made here during Free Time.

Tonight, we dined outside over some yummy hamburgers to kick off our last theme night of the week, OSPN: Under The Lights! Campers participated in numerous competitions around camp from soccer, football, spike ball, fishing, and nine square in the air. Everyone soon gathered around the sports field for the evening’s main event, Ultimate Frisbee and Flag Football, where the oldest boy and girl cabins competed against leadership for the championship!

After lots of fun painting faces and running around, we headed for the showers to spruce up. Campers got to be a part of the second annual OSPY’s Award Ceremony where the winner of each competition was recognized. The individual champions received a certificate and snapshot to commemorate the evening.


Later, we gave campers time to lay under the stars for a chance to reflect on the week. This provides an opportunity for campers to process what the Lord has done in their lives this week, as well as counselors to pray for their campers; that Christ would reveal Himself to each one individually. Finally, campers gathered back together for Camper Share, a time for those who feel led to share the life transformation they have experienced this week.

We hope that your camper has had a crazy, fun week, but most of all, we pray that Christ has radically transformed their lives for His purpose and His glory. Thank you for entrusting us with your camper this week and giving them the opportunity to encounter Jesus here at the Outback.

Please pray with us.

  1. Pray that the Lord would continue to reveal himself to campers, even on the last day of camp.
  2. Pray that eyes would be opened to see the beauty of His free gift of grace.
  3. Pray that campers would be bold enough to proclaim the Gospel outside of camp as they return home.