Tonight is a night of competition, a night of sitting on the edge of your seat, a night for champions. Here at the Outback we are about to experience the much anticipated OSPN: Under the Lights theme night. We will engage in some friendly games of Bonzer Ball, Spike Ball and perhaps a bit of Nine Square in the Air, then we will all gather round as the oldest mates and the oldest sheilas in camp face off against the Leadership Team in ultimate frisbee and powderpuff football.

As we flock to the sports field to watch these last two matches, alongside the snow cones and the hotdogs will be an announcer booth where the one and only Brett Halliburton will be giving commentary! In case you were unaware, Brett is a famed sports reporter. He’s done interviews with countless celebrity athletes and some of the world’s biggest stars! We flew him all the way to Pine Cove Outback and managed to score an exclusive interview with him! Here’s what he had to say:

OSPN: Mr. Halliburton, we are so excited to have you here at the Outback tonight!
Brett Halliburton: Please call me Brett. Yeah! I’m so glad to be here.
OSPN: So, Brett, everyone associates you with Australia, but you didn’t actually grow up there. Can you tell me about that?
BH: Absolutely. I’m actually from Auckland, New Zealand, but I got my degree in Medieval Studies at The University of Western Australia in Perth. I was fascinated by human nature and how it played out on the battlefield and now on the sports field.
OSPN: Wow! I would’ve never guessed. What is your favorite memory from growing up in New Zealand?
BH: Great question! It must’ve been picking fruit; I ate quite a bit of kiwi growing up.
OSPN: Oh, interesting! I’ve been told many people go to New Zealand to pick fruit seasonally. Did you ever imagine you’d become a seasonal fruit harvester?
No, I just loved fruit and climbing trees.
How did you become a sports reporter?
BH: Well there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding my decision because my family expected me to follow in the Halliburton tradition of becoming an archaeologist.
Well there you have it! We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the games tonight! Signing off for now, this is the Outback Sports Programming Network, bringing you the latest in Outback Sports News.