There’s this weird thing that’s been happening once a week at Outback every summer for as long as any of us have worked here, and I think we should shed some light on the matter. We think our force field of camp-takeover-protection must be broken because every week someone takes over camp! It happens so regularly that we plan a theme night around it and call it Operation Infiltration!

Tonight the campers donned their camouflage and war paint and snuck into the forest with one goal in mind… Save campEarlier, at dinner, the popular boy band One Reflection showed up and performed for us! They were down one member, but they refused to speak on the matter. Later we found out that the fourth member left the band due to “creative differences,” but apparently not peacefully because he decided to take over Outback!


As the campers lurked around the forest, they had to face not only this rejected band member, but also their counselors because they were brainwashed by him! The counselors tried to stop campers by asking them what they were doing in the forest, but as long as the campers were prepared with a story that didn’t give away their plan, they could get past them and win back the keys to camp!

Thankfully, after a lot of hard work, the campers triumphed and were able to receive what they needed from the spies that were also sneaking around the forest. We’re about to find out who won the game and hear some funny stories, but I hope they also have some ideas on how to keep this from happening yet again next week!