It’s been a great first day of camp! We had a blast at theme night last night and activity classes today have been rocking’ and rollin’. But one of our favorite parts about the day is that midday meal known as Lunch!

Here at Pine Cove, a whole lot of exciting things go down at lunch. First of all, the Spirit Stick of the day is announced! The Spirit Stick is awarded to whichever cabin was loudest and most spirited while doing their cabin cheers throughout the morning. They get to carry the Spirit Stick around with them for the rest of the day! And on a very similar note, the Pit N’ Palace winner is also announced at lunch. The winner is awarded the Golden Plunger and it goes to whoever had the cleanest cabin during Pit N’ Palace that morning. Doesn’t that sound like tons of fun?


Cabin Competitions are also announced during lunch! During the week, each cabin challenges another cabin to compete against them in a game such as War Ball or Gaga Ball. These games take place during Free Time usually and it’s a super fun part of the week!

Finally, the campers get to watch a skit during lunch that is put on by our leadership team! They dress up in silly skit clothes and have some crazy story that carries throughout the week. Everyone gets super into it and it’s always a highlight of the week!

We make lunch a big deal because being at camp is a big deal! We want to do crazy things like skits and spirit stick because it can help campers realize how special camp is and they’ll want to invest more because of it. And our hope is that as campers invest more, they see that our staff’s heartbeat for being here is to love Jesus and share the Gospel!

Please Pray For:

  • Our campers who are a little timid about camp! We know that they’ll have tons of fun so please pray that they can overcome any uneasiness by trusting in the Lord!