It’s opening day here at Silverado for week 2! We’re super excited to have another group of campers come through our gates and to have an incredible week with them. We’re actually so excited, that we want to jump up and down while y’all come on in!

We call this welcome into camp “The Gauntlet!” We do it every opening day and there are a few awesome reasons why we do it! First of all, we want to set the tone of how exciting and fun camp is going to be. We also want show an outward display of our inward joy because of how excited that we are that we have campers here! Finally, we jump to celebrate how God is going to work this week! As a staff, we can’t wait to see how God transforms the lives of our campers for His purposes and His glory!

This is gonna be a sweet week of camp and we’re ready for all the ways God is going move this week!

Please pray for:

  • Campers to hear the gospel! Pursuing Christ and sharing His love to others is what we’re about at Pine Cove! So please be praying that campers can see our relationship with Jesus and desire to have one of their own.