At Silverado, campers rise and shine at 7:20 A.M. and preparations for a fun day begin! Before breakfast, campers have a few activities including Pit and Palace, Morning Flag, and Reflection Time. After breakfast, campers are released to a “Flush and Brush” and then Bible study!

Pit and Palace is a time when campers tidy up their cabin and try to make it sparkling clean in hopes of winning the prized golden plunger! Each camper has a different duty, such as sweeping the porch, wiping the counters, or straightening the shoes; while each camper is also responsible for tidying up their own stuff. After Pit and Palace, cabins meet at the flagpole for Morning Flag, where they shout their cabin cheers before saying the Pledge of Allegiance and then prayer! Campers then have 15 minutes of Reflection Time, where they spend some time quietly praying or reflecting on their time at camp so far.


Breakfast is at 8am and then campers have a small break before having Bible study with their cabin. Activity classes begin shortly after Bible study ends! We like to keep mornings structured, but also have them be a time when campers can mentally and spiritually prepare for the day, through Reflection Time and Bible Study!