Hello parents! Our first full day of camp has been going well and campers are having a blast at their activity classes! One of the many fun things that we do at camp is cabin cheers.16Si08-02-1

Each morning, every cabin comes up with a cheer that they will yell and shout throughout the day. Campers shout these cheers on their way to corral, activity classes, and lunch. The spirit stick is awarded at lunch to the cabin with the most spirit that day. Today’s spirit stick winners were the ladies of Daisy 3 and 4 with their cheer “Monkey Monday!”

Monkey see, monkey do! We love bananas, how ’bout you? Monkey see, monkey do! We love bananas, how ’bout you? Monkey see, monkey do, it’s Monkey Monday, that is true! Go bananas! Go go bananas!

Cabin cheers are a fun opportunity for campers to be creative and bond with their counselor and cabin mates. They are also a cool opportunity for counselors  and campers to be an expression of the joy of the Lord!