Good morning from Lake Palestine! This is your friendly neighborhood Shores Director, Fish Face!

Your camper is awake and we are ready for a big day! In a few short minutes, we will all be heading to our first Bible Study for the week. And I want to share with you what we are going to be studying today’s in God’s Word. 

Our kickoff Memory Verse is Romans 6:23. The Apostle Paul writes “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

When it really comes down to it, repentance is not a five-step process! It’s simply a consistent turning of your attention back to God.

“UTURN” is a helpful framework through which we can learn the depths of what repentance means for us in our relationship with God.

With that said, today’s topic is U – understanding our sin and the Gospel.

Bottomline: We will only turn back to God when we understand just how spiritually dead we are and how wonderfully great He is. 

Along with our Memory Verse, we are also studying through Ephesians 2:1-9. 

We see in this passage that God is a loving Father who is rich in mercy! And because He is so rich in mercy, He looked down upon us in our spiritual deadness, and breathed Life into us! 

You can’t return if you don’t know you’re lost.

You can’t return if you don’t know you’re dead.

You won’t turn to God if you don’t believe His way of life is the most free and fun way to live. 

Each morning around this time, we will post another blurb about the day’s Bible Study. 

Will you 1) commit to reading and praying through it with us? 2) commit to praying for your camper and all of us at the Shores?

You’ll be thinking about the same verses, truth, promises your camper is thinking about. You can be present with them – in spirit, mind, and prayer. Let’s go all in together this week.

See you tomorrow!