Unstoppable Mission

On our final day, we read a portion of a letter written by Paul to the Thessalonians. Though many in Thessalonica rejected the message, many believed! Paul tells them that the Gospel is true, and that they didn’t just share the message, but shared their very lives out of their affection for the Thessalonians. In the letter, Paul encourages, cares for, and exhorts them to live a life worthy of God! In this letter, we see how the way we represent Jesus impacts the way our message is received. We are called to live our lives like Jesus, who describes His own heart as gentle and lowly. Paul references his posture toward the Thessalonians as gentle, caring for them, genuinely desiring for them to know Jesus, and striving to fulfill the mission. 

Does our life match the Gospel message we proclaim? Do we even talk with others about who Jesus is? Do we avoid talking about Jesus because we don’t really make it a point to follow Him? Help us to trust in God’s mercy, to turn to him, and follow him with our whole hearts!

Passage: 1 Thessalonians 2