Unstoppable Confidence 

Today’s study is all about having confidence in the plan of God to bring restoration through Jesus! We get to see this confidence exemplified in the life of the Apostles, who were thrown in prison by the chief priests for preaching the Gospel and performing miracles. One night, an angel of the Lord released the Apostles from prison. After this, the priests found the Peter and the Apostles teaching the people, saying “We must obey God rather than men.” Even though the Apostles were told to stop teaching the people about Jesus, they continued to do so confidently, trusting God and His promises! 

In this passage, we saw what believing in and teaching about Jesus can have a great cost. Even so, the true promises of God are greater. By learning about, following, and trusting God we can grow in our confidence in these true promises!

Passage: Acts 5:12-6:1