‘Twas the week of Christmas in July,
When all through the camp
Not a thing was stirring,
Not even a bumped lamp.
The snowflakes were hung in the Mesa with care,
In excitement that the campers soon would be there.

Merry Christmas, everybody! Here at the Timbers, we have quite the celebration going on today. We are making gingerbread houses, playing reindeer games, and enjoying holiday cheer- even without the snow! All week long, we have been waiting in anticipation for the joy our campers have been experiencing today! Everything around camp has had a fun holiday twist added to it: warball is now a snowball fight, cabin cheers are sung to Christmas carols, and our skit is COOLER than usual!


The skit started off with two kids, Timmy and Lucy, who always looked forward to Christmas because of the wonderful presents they would receive. They had no idea that they were going to go on an adventure to save Christmas! All of a sudden, the children ran into Buddy the Elf, a friend of Santa’s who ran away from the North Pole because he wasn’t talented enough to make toys like the other elves. The three of them quickly became best friends. Back at the North Pole, Santa and Mrs. Claus had found out that their troublesome son had been hanging out with the bad guy, Jacked Frost! To our dismay, Jacked Frost and his partner, Frosty the Broman, showed up to freeze Santa so there wouldn’t be Christmas in July this year! He also captured all of Santa’s reindeer and elves! Our biggest question: how were they going to save Christmas?!

Luckily, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer escaped the evil Jacked Frost and set out to find a way to help save our favorite Timbers holiday. Rudolph, Timmy, Lucy, and Buddy teamed up with some unlikely friends, including Santa’s transformed son (and a Timbers Christmas favorite), Santa Haus! The whole crew rushed to the North Pole and, along with the crowd of campers, sang Christmas carols to thaw Jacked Frost and Frosty the Broman’s hearts, changing their minds about Christmas in July!

All day, our dining hall has been shining with twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and crisp snowflakes. Last night, our staff had the pleasure to transform the Grand Mesa into a Winter Wonderland. This morning, when the campers came in for breakfast, their faces lit up with joy and surprise! They had no idea that their day would be sprinkled with Christmas cheer! We danced around the Christmas tree and celebrated together as a Timbers family. After breakfast, each cabin got together and stacked up some goodies to build a gingerbread house! Gumdrops, graham crackers, icing, and laughter was spread throughout the Mesa. As the gingerbread houses were built higher and higher, conversations flourished and happiness surrounded us. Tonight, we get to have one last celebration at Timbucks together, watching some funny improv skits and enjoying hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.


Well folks, that’s it!
It’s been quite a journey,

Even if it has been topsy and turvy.

Our four friends, they made it!
And saved Christmas day.
But our group of four friends
Has turned into eight.
Everyone’s happy,
Oh, isn’t that great!

Thank you for listening to our Christmas story
But let’s not forget to give God the glory.
Even if this old story is done,
Christmas is about how God sent His son;
He sent Him to us to save all our sins.

Merry Christmas in July from all of us at the Timbers,

Hawaiian Munch
Media Content Creator