Get to know your Crier Creek Week 10 guy staff!



Position: Program Director

School: Concordia University-Texas

Most Excited For: Seeing the passion for the word of God ignited.

Fun Fact: He has been to 14 countries!


Position: Work Crew Director

School: Texas A&M University

Most Excited For: Dishes!

Fun Fact: He has a twin.


Position: Crew Kids Senior Counselor

School: Samford University

Most Excited For: Growing in Biblical community alongside staffers and families.

Fun Fact: His eyebrows are blonde.


Position: Impact senior counselor

Most Excited For: I can’t wait to have a blast with my campers and learn how to be more like Christ every day.

Fun Fact: I will be a tour guide for Baylor in the fall



Position: Counselor

School: Mississippi State University

Most Excited For: Seeing how God moves and transforms the lives of families!

Fun Fact: He knows over 100 digits of Pi.


Position: Counselor

School: California Baptist University

Most Excited For: The community of camp and growing in his faith.

Fun Fact: Goes to school in California.


Position: Counselor

School: Baylor University

Most Excited For: Spending intentional time pouring into campers!

Fun Fact: Big pickle-ball guy.


Position: Counselor

School: Texas A&M University


Position: Counselor

School: Louisiana State University

Most Excited For: Getting serve families and campers and show them the Love of Christ.

Fun Fact: I’ve played the tuba for Eight Years.


Position: CIT

School: Blinn College

Most Excited For: Theme nights

Fun Fact: He’s been going to camp since he was born.

Baby G

Position: Counselor

School: Texas State University

Most Excited For: Serving families the Lord by serving campers!

Fun Fact: He is the youngest of seven kids.


Position: Counselor

School: Texas A&M

Most Excited For: Serving Jesus and families with other fellow Christians.

Fun Fact: He can write numbers upside down.

Program Staff


Position: Wrangler

School: Concordia University Texas

Most Excited For: Showing campers the joy of being with animals in nature.

Fun Fact: He was an Eagle Scout.


Position: Sound Technician

School: Case Western Reserve University

Most Excited For: Gods impact on the families and staff.

Fun Fact: Loves pandas. A lot.


Position: Media Content Creator

School: Lone Star College

Most Excited For: To capture and share what Gods doing at camp.

Fun Fact: One time he tried to toast bread in a microwave.


Position: Videographer

School: Tyler Junior College

Most Excited Things: Learning new things.

Fun Fact: His Dad was the director at Woods.


Position: Head Wrangler

School: LeTourneau

Most Excited For: Friday night dodgeball!

Fun Fact: Has lived in 5 different states.


Position: Projects

School: Texas A&M University

Most Excited For: The satisfaction of hard work.

Fun Fact: He is moving to Japan next year!


Position: Chaos

School: Texas A&M University

Most Excited For: Growing closer to the staff and families.

Fun Fact: He likes to run.

Check Bait

Position: EAC

School: Texas A&M University

Most Excited For: Getting to see the way God moves in the lives of families.

Fun Fact: He has visited over 40 countries.


Position: Chaos

School: California Baptist University

Most Excited For: Time spent with the kids and showing them God’s love.

Fun Fact: He plays the guitar.


Position: EAC

School: Colorado Christian University

Most Excited For: Spending time with families alongside amazing staff!

Fun Fact: Loves to rock climb.


Position: Projects

School: Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Most Excited For: New experiences and meeting new people!

Fun Fact: He is a professional whitewater raft guide.

CC Swag

Position: Cook

School: Dallas Baptist University

Most Excited For: To meet new people and to experience camp from a counselor’s perspective.

Fun Fact: He loves fruit snacks.