What would the Ranch be without a stable? Not the Ranch ,that’s for sure. We are blessed by the wranglers here this summer! Our campers look forward to this activity class every week and it’s not surprise why. The barn is fun, people! 

We asked the Wranglers a few questions about the barn to get to know them, the barn and the activity class a little bit better…


(Left to Right: Hurlcules, Jitterbug, Pegakiss and Brother Bear)

Q: What is your favorite part about the barn?

A: Hurlcules – “Watching the sunrise while working” (These Wranglers are up bright and early to prepare the barn for the day!)

Jitterbug – “I love working with the horses. Monday night rodeo’s are a highlight for me because I can ride, which is something I really enjoy doing”

Brother Bear – “Watching the horses charge into the pond and run through the pasture when we release them at the end of the day. I also love the early mornings” 

Pegakiss – “The unique way to share the gospel through an exciting and tangible experience and example” 

Q: What do kids enjoy the most?

A: Hurlcules – “Arena, they love learning how to control their horse” 

Jitterbug – “Kids always ask ‘How do you make a horse go fast?’ on trails we can’t trot, but if they are in the arena sometimes they get the opportunity to and they love it!” 

Brother Bear – “Trail rides and getting to trot the arena!” 

Pegakiss – “Doing something out of the ordinary, like trail rides!”


Q: What have you learned the most about while working in the barn?

A: Hurlcules – “Being a wrangler has taught me how to rely on God. Most nights getting six hours of sleep you tend to burn out, but the Lord has been faithful in providing strength” 

Jitterbug – “The barn has been a place of growth for me. God revealed to me my desire to be in control and so often I see my relationship with God reflected in interactions with the horses. The Gospel can be so evident in the barn if you have eyes to see it. He has taught me about His love for me through horses and reminded me that kindness is the way you need to interact with people. It is through kindness that He draws us to himself.”

Brother Bear – “A lot about working as a team, even at 5:30 in the morning. And how awesome coffee is. I have learned a lot about patience as well”

Pegakiss – “The importance of hard work and that the Gospel can be seen in things you wouldn’t expect. Like grooming. We bring up the dirt from under the fur so that it can be brushed off so that the pad and saddle don’t rub the horse and cause pain. Similarly, God exposes our sin so that Jesus can wash it away and we aren’t left to feel the hurt of it.” 

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Q: What are some applications you teach the kids?

A: Hurlcules – “The relationship God has with you is like you and the horse. The camper is in control of the horse. When the horse is being obedient, the campers find joy in that. Just as God finds joy in our obedience.”

Jitterbug – “I love asking the kids how they see their relationship with God reflected in the arena or trail ride. Often they mention leadership and how God leads them through life. They also mention trust a lot. ‘You have to trust your horse’, they say. There are so many teaching points: leadership, identity and the Gospel, just to name a few. Horses are a great tool to communicate to them the aspects of God’s character and how he relates to us.”

Brother Bear – “So many parallels between the horse, rides, those relationships and daily life. For arena classes I often compare the enclosed training area to the boundary lines of life and how they really provide safety to learn new things and become a better horseman/woman. Also, riding is a great picture of our relationship with God and I encourage the kids to be willing and controllable “horses” for their “rides”, that God guides.”

Pegakiss – “They are in control of their horse much like God is in control of us. Sometimes we make our horse do things they don’t want to do because we can see the benefit in the bigger picture; like God can and does for us. Our relationship with the horse mirrors our relationship with God.”

The hearts of these Wranglers are so passionate for the mission that the Lord has called us all to and it is so evident. Riding around and learning how to control their horse, the campers get to experience much more than just a simple trail ride. They are learning further more how to apply it to their relationship with Jesus himself. We know your campers are enjoying every moment they spend with the horses and in the barn, and we are so excited to see how the barn, horses and wranglers are able to teach your campers this week!

Until next time… May the horse be with you!

-Matching Khakis