Howdy, Rado families!
Does anyone remember the verse from yesterday? Deuteronomy 31:6? Well, it talks about having courage and not being fearful because the Lord is with us always.

So, today at one of our activity classes, we had some campers having a great time going on the Blob. Well, maybe not everyone. There was one, we’ll call him Timmy Johnny, and he did not want to go on the Blob. He was afraid of heights and felt that maybe this adventure might be a little too much for him. As y’all know, safety comes first here at Pine Cove, and we happened to have a staffer up on the stand to help all our kiddos out. It just so happened that this staffer had an awesome story about courage. Timmy Johnny heard this story about how all of us get scared sometimes, but there are certain things in life that we might regret if we don’t go for it! And like our memory verse from Monday, the Lord is our strength and He is with us wherever we go!

So, after watching some other cabin-mates take the leap of faith, Timmy Johnny trusted in God to help him, and made that leap.
When we saw him coming out of the water, we asked, “Hey Timmy! Was that as scary as you thought?” He looked up at us, smiled from ear to ear and proclaimed, “No.”

Lord, we pray that you would give us that same child-like faith. No matter what adventure we are facing today, we would know that You are our strength. May we put our hope and our trust in You, because there is no better place for it to be. To God be the glory.