Can you believe it’s already Thursday? This week has gone by super fast! Today is the last normal day of activity classes, which means every camper will have gone to all their classes. One of the awesome activity classes that our campers get to go to is to Horses!

Twice a week, campers take a trip out to the barn and get ride the horses! There are different stations at the barn, so campers get to do different activities, such as riding on the trail or doing different tricks on them. We have incredible wranglers who facilitate the activity class and teach the campers how to ride their own horse. A lot of our campers have never even been on a horse before. This allows for our campers to have opportunities to face new challenges with the help of the wranglers!

We want camp to be a place where campers have opportunities to try new things, even if they might seem a little scary at first! We know that life isn’t always easy and challenges will come our way. So by giving campers the opportunity to do things like riding horses, we pray that this helps them understand that our dependance needs to be on God for everything!

Please pray for:

  • Campers who are hearing the gospel for the first time this week! They’ve heard a lot about Jesus and the gospel but it might not still make sense yet. We would love prayers for those campers so that they could understand the joy that can be found in Christ!
  • Our Wranglers! They wake up very early to get the barn ready and work with the campers and horses all day! Please be praying for them as they continue to work that they can be energized by the strength of the Lord!16Si02-02-87