Every year, camp has different theme nights with crazy costumes and all kinds of games. For summer 2016, Outback brought some seriously fun theme nights down under.

Wednesday’s theme night is the Hoedown Showdown. Outback takes a trip to the Wild West with cowboys, cowgirls and even a few barn animals along for the ride. The main event of the evening was an eight-legged relay race. We thought we would give you a taste of the evening by showing all the different legs of the race that one person from each cabin had to complete.

Leg #1: Horse Race


Leg #2: Zorb Toss


Leg #3: Water Spit


Leg #4: Wheel Barrow Race


Leg #5: Chicken Feed Pickup


Leg #6: Dizzy Sprint/Chimpanzee Run


Leg #7: Spoon Race


Leg #8: Cracker Whistle


As you can see, the competition was fierce and the fun was running rampant among campers. This game was a great team building experience because every single camper had a specific role within their cabin and everyone was able to rally behind one another during each leg of the race. Now THAT is some good ol’ country fun!

We can’t believe we are already halfway through the week. God has been showing up not just in the fun activities, but in Club talks, Focus Time, and even in the beautiful sunset we get to see every night. We are confident that His work is not yet done in your camper’s life.

Please pray with us.

  • Pray that through every fun thing we get to do campers see all joy stems from the joy of knowing Christ as our Savior.
  • Pray for the gospel to be shared through both actions and words.
  • Pray for campers to fall in love with God’s Word this week and continue to fill their minds with it when they leave camp.