We hope you had an awesome experience as you dropped your campers off at the Outback yesterday! We are so excited to see what God will do in their lives this week. Today, we started out the morning by making our beds and cleaning up around our cabins for a bit of Pit n’ Palace before heading out to flag. After we raised the flag, we had Focus, a camp-wide time to start the day off right by getting in God’s word before breakfast.

Then we headed out into the morning for activity classes! Our activity classes range everywhere from swinging on the barn swing at the Ricochet, to zipping down the zipline at our Ropes Course, to hanging out playing board games, and singing some karaoke in the Walkabout. And of course, they’re all a whole lot of fun!


After all of our morning activities, we headed into the Boomerang with stomachs growling for some lunch! Today we had pizza sticks (or “Italian Burritos” as we lovingly call them), which are always a camp favorite!

Our campers have a Bible study every day after lunch with their counselors this week. They will be digging into the book of Colossians. Today’s Bible verse was:

If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.
Colossians 3:1

We discussed what belonging to God means to us and what it means to be raised with Christ, hidden with Christ, and appearing with Christ. We are learning what it looks like to seek Christ daily and realizing that we are never alone! He is risen! In the darkest moments, the stone was rolled  away, and we found that the tomb was empty! We are not alone.


Tonight’s theme night was “Surreal Cereal Showdown.” Your campers dressed up as their favorite cereal characters and faced off against disgruntled H-E-B customers. They fought to put their teams’ cereal pieces into the main cereal bowl and had to steal the Silver Spoons from the other teams for extra points! The game, complete with wacky, wavy pool noodles flying around everywhere and campers getting sent “back to the pantry” if they got out, was definitely a wild fun time for us all!

Pray with us:

  1. Pray the truth of the Gospel reaches the hearts of our campers so that their lives can be transformed!
  2. Pray that campers would let God break down barriers so that relationships grow between your camper, their cabinmates, and counselors!
  3. Pray for our staff as we enter into Week 10, that God equips us with energy, wisdom, and love that we need each and every day!