Whether your camper is a sixth or seventh grader, this day is bound to be filled with all different kinds of fun! After a day full of activity classes, meals, skits, bible study and free time, our sixth and seventh grade campers part ways to enjoy a thrilling night with their cabins!


For the sixth graders, the theme night is “Technicolor Chaos!” Starting with dinner, the campers dress up in all colors of the rainbow. Decked out in their fluorescent shades, the campers enjoy pizza with their cabin and counselor in the Ponderosa…but there’s a twist! This is where the “chaos” part of “technicolor chaos” comes into play. For this particular meal, there are NO RULES! Tables are flipped, chairs are upside-down, campers are dancing on chairs and going crazy while they have the time of their lives! Campers can start any cheer they like during this meal. Why not do the breakfast cheer during dinner? No one’s stopping them! Feel like doing the Wobble dance while Church Clap is playing? Go for it!

Now on to the technicolor part of the night…it’s time for the theme night game! After a quick post-dinner “flush n’ brush” (but not at the same time because that’s unsanitary…so true, so true!), the campers head to the sports field to get soaked! In a friendly cabin-to-cabin competition, each cabin throws colored water at the other cabins in effort to get them as wet as possible, while staying as dry as they can themselves! But they must watch out for the program staff and work crew in the middle of the field…they have water guns! Near the end, the campers get the chance to get their counselors soaked! The cabin with the wettest and most colorful counselor wins!


Now for the seventh graders…it’s SEVENTH GRADE TRIP! Along with their counselors, campers travel over to the Timbers for a night to remember! Activities include banana boating, swimming, lakeside blobbing and field games!  Completed with a pizza picnic and club with the Timbers campers, our seventh graders have so much fun visiting their future camp!


As the evening continues, the sixth and seventh graders come together again for “girl’s night” and “guy’s night” back at The Ranch!  With club talks directed purposely toward middle school young men and women followed by acoustic worship, incredible bonds are made on this night! Afterwards, the girls head back to their cabins to eat cookies and bond over pillow fights, nail painting, story-telling and much more! The boys head to the gym for a giant game of camper versus counselor dodgeball, so fun!


Tuesdays are one of our favorite days here at The Ranch! We get to learn about our identities as men and women of God, eat ridiculously big cookies, and get lots of rest for a fun filled Wednesday!