Wow! We are saying goodbye to our Week 5 and Amplify Session B campers today, and we are already so sad to see them go! This week our campers have followed Billy Joe and Peter the Cow on an adventure of a lifetime to save America and the Timbers. Last night we got to finally find out if the good guys won and celebrate America with a fantastic fireworks show!

Billy Joe and Peter the Cow lived a happy life at the Timbers until one day when they came across an evil scientist, Bill Sly. Bill Sly had a time machine and evil plans to ensure that the Timbers never existed. From the year 3000 to ancient Egypt, Billy Joe and Peter chased Bill Sly through time to save the Timbers, they even picked up a dinosaur friend along the way.

On one of their time travel adventures, Billy Joe and Peter the Cow came across another scientist, Reginald from England, who was even more devious than Bill Sly. Entrusting Reginald, Bill Sly handed off the time machine blue prints. However, Reginald planned to go back to the year 1776 to ensure that America was never founded and that England would triumph forever. By doing this, He would put an end to Billy Joe, Peter the Cow, and even the Timbers!


With the help of their dinosaur friend, Peter and Billy Joe were able to beat Reginald to the time machine and return back to the year 2015, leaving Reginald behind. We had quite the celebration as we welcomed them home!

Billy Joe, Peter, and their dinosaur friend led us out to the Plateau Field where campers from the Ranch joined us in celebrating the restoration of America. We kicked off the celebration with popsicles and dancing. All of the campers then gathered around for what they thought would be just a simple showing of a recorded fireworks show due to “new safety regulations.” Suddenly, the screen was knocked over, and fireworks began to shoot off in the sky before our eyes! One after another, the fireworks became bolder and bigger as we sang along to patriotic songs and celebrated with Billy Joe and Peter.

Not only were we able to celebrate our freedom here in America, but also the freedom we have in Jesus Christ. After an amazing week at camp, we are so thankful to live in a place where we have the freedom to celebrate all of the ways God is changing lives and His amazing love!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Unlucky Charms
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