G’day from Outback! It’s the middle of week TEN and campers are having so much fun! Friendships are being made, campers are being led in deeper knowledge of God’s Word and are having a blast at all the activity classes!

Campers were eager to try out the Blob, Wake Park, Ropes, Slick Track and so many more activities! From the Rocket to hang times with their counselor, our campers have been experiencing God in some incredible ways already this week!

Last night, campers participated in what we like to call “Operation Infiltration!”  After dinner, camp director,  Michaelangelo taught from John 9, where Jesus healed a blind man, bringing the man from darkness, into the light.  The campers had an opportunity to respond with their cabins together, praying for one another and praising God for who He is.

The night continued with a favorite camp game, named “OI” in honor of the theme day.  In this game, campers try to stealthily cross a field, which was filled with counselors, in hopes of keeping their Cheerio, or “Life Chip.” If they make it, they defeat the counselors! However, as campers strategically cross the field, counselors stop campers by shining flashlights on them and take their “Life Chip.” In order to keep their chip and be set free, campers must convince their counselors, in fun and creative ways, that they aren’t really campers. Campers love the competition against their counselors and running around camp.  We see God at work, even in fun and silly games, to build and strengthen new friendships at camp! We are so glad campers are here, kicking off their summer with us at Outback! We are excited for all that God will continue to do in their lives this week!