Hey y’all!

We’re having a great Friday here at the ‘Rado! We are so sad that your children are leaving us soon, but we are very grateful for the time that we’ve spent with them this week. It’s been a week full of tons of fun and a whole lot of Jesus! We also got a visit from the sun today which meant the campers were able to enjoy all of the activities!

As we wrap up this week there is one thing we want to ask of y’all. Your children are going to be so excited to share about their experience here at camp, and you will probably hear stories and cheers for days, but we want to encourage you to ask about what they learned about Jesus during their time here. This week they studied the story of Elijah and discussed it together in their cabins. Ask about Elijah’s story and what they learned from it. Ask about club talks and halftime with their counselor. Let them recite some of their memory verses for you, and sing some of the songs they learned.

It’s been wonderful getting to watch your children learn about Christ this week, and we’ve learned from them as well. It’s our hope that they are still on fire for God and that their fire grows even though they are leaving camp! Thank you for entrusting us with your kids this week! It’s been a HUGE joy gaining so many new friends!