Front Row Seat

Jul 23, 2015 | Camp:

Hello parents!

My name is Sydney “Wombeat” Findley and I am a senior counselor here at the Towers. I will be a senior at Baylor University and will graduate with a degree in Recreation and Leisure Services.

Even though this is my second summer at camp, the power of the Gospel in these campers lives never ceases to amaze me. Even when we are doing seemingly mindless activities, God can use that time for something way bigger than we can imagine. He makes himself known in any way He pleases and gives us a front row seat to watch Him work.

I want to tell you all a story that explains why I have chosen 13 weeks of this summer to be at camp.

A couple weeks ago, I was in charge of monitoring the playground during camper bounce, a time where campers get to choose which activity classes they want to go to. I was playing tetherball with a group of girls when I noticed a girl sitting at a picnic table with her head down, crying softly.

I walked over there to check on her to find out she was feeling a little homesick.

As I began to talk to her and comfort her, I told her that if Jesus lived in her heart, she never had to feel scared or alone. I then asked her if she had ever asked Jesus into her heart before. She said that she had not, so I began to share the Gospel with her. To demonstrate this, I picked up two pine cones and put them next to each other and said that they represented God and us. I then separated the two pine cones and said that sin separates us from God. Lastly, I took two sticks and made the shape of a cross and used the cross as a literal bridge to bring back together the two pine  cones.

This symbolized that Jesus’ death on the cross created a way for us to get back to God.

The little girl’s eyes got wide-eyed as I explained the story in detail.

“Really?” she said. “That story is all true?!”

I smiled and then she asked me to lead her in a prayer to accept Jesus into her heart. Not only did the homesick tears stop, but also a huge smile spread across her face. She looked up from the prayer and saw one of her friends walking past us.

“Come over here!” she exclaimed. “Wombeat has to tell you something!”


The friend walked over and I encouraged the first child that now that she knew the story of Jesus, it was her job to share it with others.

“I don’t know how,” she said.

“Just show her what I just showed you,” I answered.

The little girl proceeded to pick out two pine cones and two sticks on her own, lay them on the picnic table, and tell the complete story of God’s redemption of mankind.

I smiled through teary eyes as the Gospel was laid out without my help, in childlike terms, to this girl’s friend. She then asked her friend if she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart. The friend said yes, and with wide eyes the first girl said,

“Okay Wombeat, you do it!”

“You got this one,” I replied as I winked at her.

She then began to make her friend repeat after her as she led her word for word in the sinner’s prayer.

By the end of it all, both girls were so excited about the story they had just learned that they proceeded to tell anyone and everyone who passed the picnic table. Their excitement and joy surrounding the Gospel stirred my heart to be excited to share with others about Him.

I think that is what God is blowing my mind with the most these days – that we aren’t just leading your children for this week, but that we are making lifelong disciples of Jesus. If we only tell them of the Good News of Christ, we are only doing half of our job. But, if we teach them to share with others what they have learned and experienced at camp, we are creating waves of Christ followers who will start movements across the world as they tell others of how Christ brings us from death to life.

It can all start from the mouth of a seven year old.

I have the privilege to have a front row seat to watch God make disciples and grow his kingdom. That is why I love working here. This is Pine Cove. This is the beauty of the Gospel.

See y’all soon!

Sydney “Wombeat”
Senior Counselor

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