The Board Game of Life

Here at the Bluffs, we have a MONOPOLY on all of the awesome theme nights! Don’t RISK missing out on this one-we’ll have games of every SCATTERGORY and SEQUENCE . No costume is TABOO, so come as a chess queen or Colonel Mustard or a giant domino. This night will be anything but a TRIVIAL PURSUIT!


Project 319

While we do our best to make camp affordable, not every child or family is able to come on their own.  Project 319 benefits the families who have lost jobs, struggled through divorce, serve in our military, or other various reasons that might need financial assistance.  Details to come on how you can help!

Give Us Your Feedback!

Later today you will receive an eval form to fill out and turn in to our secretary (“Bells”) by breakfast tomorrow morning.  Please be honest and specific in how your week was, ways we can improve, what God did in the lives of your family, and anything else you’d like us to know.

We Want You Back!

Today at lunch and tomorrow morning you will be able to pre-register for Family Camp 2016.  As you’ve heard, our family camp spots are completely filled up each year, so be sure to reserve your week for next summer!


Cove Kids/Wild Kids/Wild Woods

  • Get ready for a fun-tastic day with your counselors!


  • Swimsuit
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen!


Once again, it will be raining tomorrow! Now worries, it won’t be too hot (mid 70’s), so just pack your rain jacket and umbrella and get ready for some indoor fun!