Happy Tuesday y’all!

It’s been a great day today at the ‘Rado! We’ve had a wonderful time going to activity classes this morning, and bible study and free time this afternoon. We also look forward to our “Under the Big Top” theme night tonight!

Today we wanted to share with y’all about one of our favorite Pine Cove traditions – the skit. Every day after lunch we put on a skit where our campers can interact with us! The skit is usually the story of a person or team who is foiled by a bad guy (booo!), but then are able to show him kindness and reveal his nicer side by the end of the week. This week, our skit involves “watching t.v.”, and the campers are able to engage with the actors as the “studio audience.” During the middle of the week, the bad guy, Abraham Stinkin’, takes over our “Pine Cove News” station, but with the campers’ help we are hopefully able to save the station by Friday!

We love how involved the campers are in the skit and the lessons they can learn from it. It’s also another great memory for you all to chat with them about when you get them back!

See y’all soon!