Today, the campers learned about Gentleness.

Matha explained that the fruit of the Spirit are characteristics of God, and they are intertwined. The Holy Spirit will not simultaneously grow you in love yet not command gentleness or self-control of you. In fact, many of the fruits of the Spirit are evidenced by others (kindness is a product of gentleness, gentleness is a product of self-control, etc).

The biblical definition of gentleness is: sensitivity of disposition and kindness of behavior, founded on strength and prompted by love.

Based on this definition, we can determine this: gentleness DOES NOT equal weakness. In fact, strength and power must be possessed in order for someone to even have the opportunity to be gentle. God portrays this in Isaiah 40:10-11. He also portrays this on the cross. God is strong enough to bring wrath toward us (wrath that we are deserving of); instead, His response is to come to us in the form of man (Phil 2:5), assuming all of the vulnerabilities of man (Jesus was more dependent on the father than any other man ever has or will be, even though He was the least needy man to ever live), become sin on our behalf, and humble himself to the point of death on a cross to reconcile us to Himself.

In light of this, we learn that God’s grace through gentleness (namely, his loving kindness), should drive us to seek to live out these characteristics. The essential question is not how to be gentle, or even how to attain the fruit of the spirit, but how does God receive all glory?