What special event happens once a summer at the Pine Cove Timbers? Only the most festive Christmas in July you will ever see! That’s right people, we have it all. From Christmas lights to The Polar Express and every inch in between is Christmas-themed to the max!

We started our day with a real life nativity scene during breakfast to set the Christmas spirit. Afterwards we had a gingerbread making competition. Each cabin showed their creativity through the gingerbread house in whatever way they chose—be it tallest, most creative, or most durable.


Later, we all gathered outside in the fields to play some games involving snow and ornaments. Well…kinda, more like flour and warballs. It was a fun and exciting game between the counselors and the campers to say the least!


Lastly, to end the day, we watched The Polar Express. Campers presented their train tickets to enter in to watch the movie under a fort of Christmas lights and decorations! Overall, the day was a ton of fun and filled with a healthy dose of Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas in July!!