Get to know the week 10 Chimney Point Families!

Armento Family

Parents: Andy and Sarah

Children: Ella (12), Halle (9)

Hometown: Suwanee, GA

Barnard Family

Parents: Brandon and Julie

Children: Caleb (14), Karis (13), Emily (9), Brooke (7), Micah (5)

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Camacho Family

Parents: Efren and Jackeline

Children: Katie (11), Naomi (8)

Hometown: Buford, GA

Cantrell Family

Parents: Paul and Heidi

Children: Davis (11), Kate (9), Dylan (8)

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

Carroll Family

Parents: Todd and Erin

Children: Hudson (9), Hayes (7), James Walker (3)

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Dakel Family

Parents: Robbie and Mallorie

Children: Thomas (4), Colleen (3), Philip (1)

Hometown: Alexandria, LA

Daley Family

Parents: Shaun and Sarah Ann

Children: Carter Welch (8), Paxton (2)

Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Dillon/Wilson Family

Parents: Shawn and Jennifer, Brenda (Grandmother)

Children: Emma (15), Madelyn (13), Benjamin (11), Alyssa (9)

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Gettmann Family

Parents: John and Katie

Children: Riley (13), Ardyn (8), Pruett (5)

Hometown: Apharetta, GA

Glozier Family

Parents: Bethany and Larry

Children: Joseph (15), Nick (13), Natalia (11), Isabella (8), Nathaniel (7), Arianna Grace (4)

Hometown: Peachtree City, GA

Hallmark Family

Parents: Andy and Micelle

Children: Colin (12)

Hometown: Arnold, MD

Hazelip Family

Parents: Thom and Michele

Children: Anabelle (16), Carey-Mae (15), Hamilton (11), Ricky (9)

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Henderson Family

Parents: Travis and Heather

Children: Micah (6), Maddox (5)

Hometown: Cartersville, GA

Horton Family

Parents: Aaron and Alyson

Children: Walker (11), Parker (8)

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA

Ikokwu Family

Parents: Ike and Emma

Children: Ella (11), Zion (8), Joelle (3)

Hometown: Cumming, GA

Johnston Family

Parents: John and Ainsley

Children: John (8), Oliver (6)

Hometown: Columbia, SC

MacRae Family

Parents: Sandy and Cindy

Children: Dianna (9)

Hometown: Springfield, VA

Martin Family

Parents: James and Andrea

Children: Grantham (8), Eli (7), Daniel (5)

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Moorehead Family

Parents: Michael and Andrea

Children: Chase (9), Jeremiah Jackson (8), Dakota Jackson (6)

Hometown: Hamilton, OH

Myers Family

Parents: Rick and Jeanine

Children: Ricky (15), Autumn (12), Camille (11), Levi (9), Haonan (7)

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Rivera Family

Parents: Herson and Vanessa

Children: Noah (11), Isabella (7)

Hometown: Odenton, MD

Settar Family

Parents: Shawn and Pam

Children: Bailey (16), Austin (12)

Hometown: Davidson, NC

Shanahan Family

Parents: James and Holly

Children: Milli (6), Hazel (3)

Hometown: Ladson, SC

Worthley Family

Parents: Tom and Leigh

Children: Lyren (9), Elin (7), Gabriel (5), Laurel (2)

Hometown: Cleburne, TX

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