Hello there!

We’re already over halfway through week 5 and having an awesome time!

We blasted off the week with Neon Space Adventure and then on Monday, campers dominated Pitch Black Attack defeating the posse! We caught a glimpse of our future during Wrinkle in Time night, where campers dressed up with mustaches, canes and glasses!

Our days have been filled with awesome activities, ranging from trail rides with the horses to blobbing fellow campers into the Sea of Narnia. In the midst of playing geaux-geaux ball and zip-lining through the trees, we’re always reminded of the Gospel and why we’re here.

Campers are learning about the story of Elijah and are enjoying intentional times with their cabins and counselors. Kadri Walker, a counselor here at the Towers, shared a personal story of how one camper he had impacted him.

My name is Kadri Walker, but here at the Towers I go by Gutter Fall or “Terf”. I’ll be a junior studying Personal Financial Planning at The Texas Tech University in the beautiful yet windy Lubbock, Texas. What I want to do with my life after college is completely in God’s hands, and I am excited to see what he has in store! I am spending my summer, for the second time, hanging out with campers and serving Jesus Christ.

Childlike faith.

Something I am constantly reminded of at camp, especially being around 2nd through 5th grade campers. Seemingly, it is an easy concept to understand, but in actuality, it’s much more than that.

The older I get, the more I question things. I question EVERYTHING, a lot.

But kids are different.

They’re told something and it’s almost as if a switch has been flipped and they just get it. Since working at camp, I’ve learned so much of what it means to have faith like kids. A couple weeks ago, a particular camper had a unique impact on me.


I had a camper whom I thought didn’t “get it.” He answered questions minimally. I constantly had to encourage him to engage with the group.

My prayer was for God to send a message of some sorts, that the words I had been pouring out would be felt in some way. Being in a fifth grade guys cabin, we get the privilege to have a night filled with worship, manly aroma, and a giant fire out in the middle of the woods while hearing the gospel being spoken to us. God works miracles, and in Psalm 34:15, we are reminded that he hears our prayers:

The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous and His eyes are open to their cry.

That camper who I thought didn’t get “it” pulled me aside and said,

Terf, the fire tonight was beautiful. God is beautiful. And as I sat there watching the fire burn, I noticed the sparks that got away didn’t last very long. Terf, God is our fire and we do NOT last long when we don’t have God. WE NEED GOD, TERF. I NEED GOD.

For a week at a time, I am here almost shepherd-like, tending to a flock, but with campers. I am supposed to be teaching and pouring out to these kids, yet instead I am almost certain these campers teach me more than I teach them.

I needed desperately to hear those words “I NEED GOD”. That was all the message I needed.

Too many times I jump to conclusions. I get an answer that has zero proof behind it, but kids, they take their time. They think about it and they think some more. Then out of nowhere, they hit you with words you’d expect to hear from a pastor during a Sunday morning church service.

Childlike faith is a beautiful reminder as to how susceptible we should be to the Gospel. I’m challenged to have faith like this guy. To believe that I need God – like sparks need a flame to stay afire.