We are praying that your children’s hearts and minds will be forever changed.

From the text of today’s reading:

“In today’s story we are going to to read about a man named Nathanael. What you will also notice is that Nathanael is a guy that asks questions too. We see him do his in his interaction with Jesus. What you will also notice is that Nathanael has an issue with his heart, just like you and I do at times. Nathanael’s problem comes from the same giant struggle of pride, but it comes in the form of a misconception.

“Misconception” is a big and uncommon word, but really what it means is a misunderstanding created by believing something that isn’t true. People believe things all the time that aren’t true and eventually lead them to have misconceptions about countless other things. The problem is that this little incorrect belief about something can have a snowball effect and cause you to have misconceptions about all sorts of things.

Lets look at a quick example of a misconception. Let’s say that a boy named Andrew is afraid of bunnies. That sounds like a silly thing to be afraid of, but when you ask him why, he says its because they have giant, sharp teeth and love to bite people. Now, we know that isn’t true, but at some point, someone made Andrew believe differently. Now because he is afraid of bunnies, he won’t go outside alone, he doesn’t like going to pet stores, and he is scared of all things that hop. See how quickly that can get out of hand! And all of this was based on one piece of bad advice.

Misconceptions are dangerous because they are decisions based on false information. Nathanael had a misconception about Jesus that caused him to almost not interact with Jesus at all. He assumed that he was better than Jesus, and that Jesus couldn’t live up to the stories that Nathanael was hearing from people just because of where He was from. That one belief could have held Nathanael back and caused him to never interact with Jesus. Can you imagine missing an interaction with Savior of the world because of one false belief?!

As we interact with people, we have to be careful about misconceptions and remember that they are dangerous because they are based on things that aren’t truthful. The best way to guard yourself from misconceptions about God is to be in a relationship with Him. Take the opportunity to learn form Nathanael’s misconception so we don’t make the same mistakes!“


We ask that you would join us in prayer that the Lord would help us see who He is and remove doubts and questions from our lives.


Read the story of Nathanael in John 1:43-51.


  1. Why do you think Nathanael had such a negative view of Nazareth?
  2. If Nathanael didn’t think something good could come from Nazareth, why did he go and see Jesus?
  3. Was Nathanael a good man before he met Jesus? How do you know?
  4. What does Jesus do to help Nathanael believe that He is the Lord? Why is he so easily convinced?
  5. Why does Jesus seem unimpressed by Nathanael’s new faith?
  6. What does it take for God to be pleased by someone’s attitude? (Hint: read Psalm 51:17)


  1. Are there areas in your life when you look down on others? What are they and why?
  2. What is the truth about those people you look down on?
  3. Who do you impress when you look down on others? Who do you disappoint? Why?
  4. How are you similar to the people you look down on?
  5. What are ways that we can trust God more without demanding to see “proof”?


“We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight.”
2 Corinthians 5:6b-7