We are praying that your children’s hearts and minds will be forever changed.

From the text of today’s reading:

“Have you guys ever heard the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”All this means is that the person who looks at an object is who determines whether or not it is beautiful. That means that something that I think is beautiful may not look that beautiful to you.

I’ve noticed that the world treats value the same way. Value is what something is worth. Each person has a different way of measuring value. What someone thinks is their most valuable possession could be absolutely worthless to other people . This is easy to see with objects like photographs. While a picture of my wife and daughter means a lot and is very special, to someone I don’t know it means absolutely nothing.

The best way for you and I to learn what we are worth is by looking in God’s word. The Bible helps us know our value because it puts a price on life. The price doesn’t come in a dollar amount; instead it is found by looking at the story of Jesus. God’s word tells us that our life is worth the life of our savior, Jesus. Isn’t that totally crazy!? That means that you and I are considered by God to be the most valuable thing in the whole world!

Jesus even had an impactful interaction as he was hanging on the cross that was started because someone saw his value. Scripture tells us that one of the criminals that was hanged beside Jesus had an amazing transformation. A criminal watches as Jesus is accused and blamed for things that he didn’t do. He notices an incredible strength and grace in the way that Jesus handles those that hate him. Perhaps this man had even seen Jesus before and witnessed miracles. Regardless of the reasoning of his beliefs, the criminal knew that Jesus was too valuable to be treated that way.

As the man recognized the value in Jesus, Jesus was able to recognize and place a value on him as well. Just as God has done for each of us, He valued the criminal at a high cost and Jesus died for him.

During this encounter with Jesus, we see that what someone values changes. This is because of the perspective that we talked about yesterday. Remember that perspective is how you see things. When you interact with Jesus, it changes how you see things. This change allows you to reprioritize, or reorder, what you place value in. This change happens when you meet with Jesus, he set a new scale for value. He is the most valuable thing and so every thing else has to get in line behind him.


Ask that the Lord would help you understand his big plan. Pray that you would follow Him even in times when you don’t understand where He’s leading.


Summarize the events of the trial and persecution of Jesus leading up to the cross.

Read the story of of the two criminals crucified alongside Jesus in Luke 23:32-43


  1. Why was Jesus being hanged on the cross?
  2. Who was present at the crucifixion? Discuss who could have been in the crowd and how they would have felt.
  3. What is different about Jesus being hanged than the other criminals?
  4. How do the criminals react to Jesus? Why are they so different?
  5. What happens to the criminals?
  6. Why does one criminal win favor with Jesus so easilly?


  1. How would you have felt if you were present that day that Jesus was crucified? Why?
  2. One of the criminals asks Jesus to save them. Why didn’t Jesus use his power to do that?
  3. How are you and I similar to the criminals? Are you like one or the other? Or both?
  4. Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? Why do you think God allowed this to happen?
  5. How does Jesus death give us life?


“For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
Romans 10:13