We are praying that your children’s hearts and minds will be forever changed.

From the text of today’s reading:

When I was growing up, I loved playing Baseball. It was my favorite sport, and I played from the time I was six until I graduated high school. My  brother and I loved anything that had to do with baseball. We had baseball cards, uniforms, signed hats, baseball themed bedding, posters, pictures, and anything that we could get our hands on. We loved baseball and wanted to play all the time!

When I was 10 years old, I learned how to throw a curveball, and nearly everything that I knew about playing baseball began to change. It was so cool to me that I could throw a ball and make it curve a certain direction. Playing catch in the yard became a contest to see who could curve a ball the most. Hitting practice became trying to hit a curveball. And of course, there was the catching piece to figure out.

Baseball had changed for me because I had learned something new. Its as if my eyes had been opened to the new world of baseball that I never knew existed. That happens with lots of things as we learn. When you learn something new, it changes how you live your life.

The story that we are going to discuss today is about Saul, or Paul as he is later called, who literally had his eyes opened to God. Saul was a man that hated God and wanted to punish all those who believed in Him. He thought that following Jesus was a silly way to live, and tried to scare people into choosing to abandon their beliefs about Him.

Then one day, Saul had another encounter with God himself. That day Saul learned that there was more to life than he had thought. He also learned that the was more to this man named Jesus. Saul was trying to live a life that he controlled and he was trying to put himself in the place of God.

When God decided to get Saul’s attention, he did it by giving him temporary blindness. That blindness would eventually cause Saul to listen to God and believe in Him. Saul was so focused on himself that God needed to actually take away his sight to get through to him!

I’m thankful that God has never needed to remove my sight to get my attention. But nearly every day, God does something to remind me that he is on control and He is Lord of my life. Every time I am reminded that I’m not in control, God is working in my life and helping me remember to submit to Him. He is helping me open my eyes and see the truth that I’m not in control and that I need him.

Just like learning new things, interacting with Jesus will open your eyes to truths that you never could have imagined were there. Lets take the opportunity to learn from Saul’s encounter with God. Let’s see how Saul was forever changed by his temporary blindness and how it eventually opened his eyes to God.


Ask Jesus to open your eyes to his truth and what he wants to do in your heart. Pray that you would have the desire to submit to him every day of your life.

Read the story of Saul’s life change in Acts 9 :1-20


  1. Why do you think that God takes away Saul’s ability to see?
  2. Do you think you would hesitate if asked to help someone like Saul? Why or why not?
  3. Why did God wait so long to have Saul see the truth?
  4. What is significant about Ananias being used to help Saul?
  5. How should dee be inspired by the story of Saul’s change in verse 20? What are you going to change?
  6. Why does one criminal win favor with Jesus so easilly?


  1. What was Saul doing at the beginning of this chapter? Why?
  2. Why was Saul traveling to Damascus? What’d he have with him?
  3. What happens to Saul on the way to Damascus?
  4. Ananais goes to help Saul because God instructs him. Why does he hesitate first?
  5. How does God defend his plan for Ananias to help Saul? What does God call Saul?
  6. What happens when Ananias speaks to Saul and tells him about what has happened?


“Do not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind ,that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”
Romans 12:2