Updates for Summer 2020

We are evaluating our procedures to protect the health of campers, staff, and parents and to stay in line with the latest CDC and governmental guidelines. We’ll summarize our updates here and expand on them in the post as we have them.

  • To help campers stay physically distant in 2020, campers will be part of a small group, called a cohort. A cohort consists of two “buddy cabins,” not to exceed 18 campers, with whom campers will do all their activities, including club, lunch, activities, and Bible studies. Cohorts do not mix with other cohorts.
  • Drop-off and pick-up times are extended to help spread out the amount of people at the church at one time
  • Camper will have daily temperature checks at drop-off and lunch; Monday we will ask health screening questions
  • The camp store will do online ordering for specific merchandise that will be delivered directly to your camper

Day camp is just around the corner, and we’re here to help! Here’s everything you need to know to make sure your camper is totally ready for their week at Pine Cove’s Camp in the City (and you are too!). Let’s do this!

What to Bring

We’ve made the list – now you can check it twice. Look over the packing list and pay attention to the items we’d rather you leave at home. Medication must be in original containers and turned into the nurse at drop-off. We made a handy guide with everything you need to know about medication.

Don’t forget to pack your lunch! We’ll provide campers with a snack in the afternoon but if your camper has any specific food allergies, we recommend packing them a snack for the afternoon as well. 

On Tuesday, grab your favorite holiday attire and join us for Happy Holidaze. On Thursday, it’s Superhero Showdown! Get your gear on for your favorite superhero – real or made-up. No need to buy anything special, but come dressed in your best items to fit the theme – the crazier the better.


If you haven’t already, fill out your profile and health forms now. It won’t take long, and it will help us know how to best serve your camper! The deadline to fill these out is a week before you come, but better late than never. If they aren’t complete, you will be required to fill them out when you arrive, so skip the line and do them online.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

In order to keep campers and staff safe from COVID-19, we have modified our Drop-off and Pick-up process: 

  • Drop-off has been extended to 8:40 to 9:30 am each morning.
  • Pick-up has been extended from 4:00 to 5:00pm each afternoon. 
  • To help maintain safe distancing for Parents and campers, we will be offering curbside pick-up and drop-off service right from your vehicle.
  • Parents may not be allowed inside the church building but will be able to walk their camper up to the front doors.  If your camper needs special attention at drop off, we will work with you to ensure a great experience while still honoring safe distancing for all other campers.
  • When we greet you at your vehicle, our staff will ask COVID-19 related health screening questions and take thermal scans before your camper exits their vehicle:
    • Monday (First Day of camp): we will take temperatures and ask these basic health screening questions of everyone in the vehicle. In the past 14 days have you experienced:
      • a temperature greater than 99.5?
      • a new or worsening cough?
      • shortness of breath?
      • a sore throat?
      •  diarrhea?
      • had close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID 19?
      • traveled via airplane internationally or domestically?
      • traveled to or from a “hot spot” location? The list of hot spot locations will change as we continue to monitor the news but places like New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Seattle are on this list.
    • Tuesday-Friday: we will check for COVID-19 symptoms and thermal scan only your camper(s), not everyone in the vehicle.

On Monday morning you will receive your unique Pick Up Code.  Anyone picking up your camper must have the correct Pick Up Code, so make sure to share it with spouses, family members, or anyone else picking them up. More drop-off and pick up info here.

We do not offer an extended stay option for campers past 5:00 pm, so please make sure pick-up your campers by that time.

Camp Store

Want some Pine Cove swag? To better serve your family and to help reduce contact, we’ve moved our Camp Store online so you can purchase items in the City section of our online store and we’ll deliver directly to your camper during their week of camp! Use the code “city2020” to get free shipping on your order, then under gift notes include; camper’s name, church name, location and week attending. Free shipping only applies to in-person delivery for eligible items from the City collection – everything else in the online store should go in a separate order to get shipped to your house.

Closing Celebration

For the safety of campers, parents, and our staff, we will not be able to gather together for our closing celebrations on Friday as we have in the past. Instead, all of our content from closing celebrations will be delivered through the app, including your camper’s Character Quality (aka CQs). Pick up will be the same 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm window of time.

Download the App & Follow Us

Did we mention we have an app? With Pine Cove’s CampLife app, you can experience each day of camp right along with your camper, thanks to tagged photos and more! Download CampLife now and you’ll be ready for a front row seat to every day at camp!

Looking for more?

For more camp fun on the way to and from camp – and maybe after you drop your campers off – check out the first season of our new podcast! Also, follow Camp in the City on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for additional photos and fun.