Every night at Pine Cove, we have the privilege to come together and worship God as a community. This looks different than most worship services you might be used to. Here at Pine Cove we believe in having serious FUN, and club is full of that! Club includes some upbeat and slower worship songs.

Counselors lead their campers in jumping around, fun motions, running in circles, and lots of laughter! Campers and counselors love this time where they get to be crazy and worship God in a way that they might never have before. Campers feel free to worship in whatever way they feel, some cabins enjoy having their arms around each other and swaying together.

After worship we get the privilege of listening to the speaker we have for the day. Our speaker is usually someone that is on full time staff at Pine Cove. This summer, our speakers will be going over how we can use the Bible as a blueprint for life. A Blueprint is defined as “a design or plan or other technical drawing.” What better way to know God’s plan and design for our life then by learning how to read His word.

Club is such an amazing part of the day where campers and staff get the opportunity to worship and find rest in the Lord. Praising Him for all that He has done in our lives, and all that He will do. Join us in praying for club time and asking God to be present, and move in the hearts of campers at the Ranch this summer.

Just as Pine Cove motto states, club is “Christ centered, Others focused, and Seriously fun”

Chasin Butterflies and Lovin Jesus,

-The Real Metaforcesis, Highlight Videographer