As one of the campers voiced their favorite scripture,”Be still and know that I am God” (Psalms 46:10), God began to speak into my heart. Over the last year, God has been removing things and people from my life, most of which I am not particularly excited about. Through this process there has been one constant theme: “Be still, Be silent, Behold.”

My name is Bear Necessities, or Nessy, and this is my first summer as a camp counselor. So far, the Lord has been teaching me how to sit before The Father with outstretched hands and a gaping wide open heart. With an open heart and open eyes, it is super cool to watch 6th and 7th graders learn about our Father. The Lord has really shown his children that sometimes He just wants us to BEHOLD him. Behold his majesty. Behold his GRACE. Behold his love.


God can pour out his grace and love over us, but that doesn’t matter unless we, as his most precious prize, receive it. God wants to have fellowship with His children, and sometimes that is in the silence and quietness of our chaotic lives. In the structured chaos of camp, God tends to speak when our desires are removed.

 The LORD will fight for you, you only need to be silent.
Exodus 14:14

God is the ultimate protector and shepherd, he will never let go of his children. His heart won’t stop pursuing your heart, even though you might feel so far from his grip. His touch is so gentle and delicate. Peter took his eyes off of Jesus for a split second and sunk, but because Jesus loved Peter so much, he was there to pull him up out of the water immediately. You too are as precious as Peter, reach up and grab your heavenly Father.